""Previously our garden felt gloomy and quite oppressive. Now it's bright and inviting with both a sophisticated entertaining area and a lovely lawn for the children to run about on - it draws us all outside.""

- Angela & David, Kenilworth, July 2014

"Help! Our garden's really big and very boring."

"The garden looks amazing now. We can enjoy it from the balcony, but can't wait for the rain to stop so we can make the most of it!"

Case study


Case study


Neil and Louisa's garden was large, long and sloping.  The brief included lots of lawn that their young son could run about on, a productive area with veg beds and fruit trees and a grown up entertaining area.

We decided to terrace the garden to manage the slope and make distinct areas.  We rebuilt the old wonky stone steps from the French doors replacing them with a wooden balcony that gave the couple a great viewing spot and some relief to the rear of the house.  We also turfed the top lawn so the couple could keep a close eye on their son from the balcony and we planted a soft barrier to stop the toddler tumbling onto the paved patio which we positioned in the middle terrace to take advantage of the sun and privacy.  

We then turfed the large lower lawn stopping short of adding goal posts but erecting trellis to partition off the kitchen garden and shed where we built raised veg beds and planted a 'wild' area with fruit trees.   The final result is a family friendly garden with areas to work, rest and play - however old you are.