""We've really enjoyed working with Spartacus on this project - the garden is totally transformed""

- Mr & Mrs T Leamington Spa, May 2015

Help! We don't know what to do with all this space.

""With so many ideas for the garden, I think Spartacus will have a long association with us. "

Case study


Case study


Sarah and Mike's large farmhouse had a tiny, scruffy patio and a huge overgrown garden.  A huge dense conifer hedge dominated the grounds separating the garden from a pretty meadow and a barn conversation which the couple used for studio space and holiday lets.

They asked us to prepare an overall plan which initially addressed the need for a much larger patio positioned to take as much advantage of the sun as possible, a new entertaining/BBQ area behind the barns and a paths to circumnavigate the house which was on several levels.

The first job was to remove 30m of conifer trees which allowed light to flood back into the garden and revealed a gorgeously symetical Lime tree which had slowly been engulfed by the hedge from hell.

We removed tons of earth re-siting some of it in the meadow to create a gentle mound which is scheduled to be sown with wild flower turf.  We used wooden sleepers to create new retaining walls/extra seating behind the main farmhouse and the barns and laid almost 100sq.m of sandstone paving around the entire house incorporating long shallow steps from the main patio up to the lawn.

Finally, we erected 30m of willow hurdles between the garden and the wild flower meadow.  These have been wood framed to strengthen them and will, over time, form a green fence planted with climbers.  Incorporated in the fence is a 'secret' gate allowing to access to the wildflower meadow.

The first phase is now complete and our clients have a practical garden which sits comfortably in its setting and allows them to maximise and enjoy all the space.