"The garden looks amazing now. We can enjoy it from the balcony, but can't wait for the rain to stop so we can make the most of it!"

- Neil & Louisa, Leamington Spa, Aug 2012

Help! Our garden is really grim.

""Previously our garden felt gloomy and quite oppressive. Now it's bright and inviting with both a sophisticated entertaining area and a lovely lawn for the children to run about on - it draws us all outside.""

Case study


Case study


Our clients and their children didn't really enjoy being in the garden in their new home as it felt dark and closed in.  The main problem was an overbearing 2m high rockery complete with slimy waterfall which was positioned immediately outside their bi-fold kitchen/diner doors.  The rockery retained a bank and also housed 2 flights of mis-matching steps which led to overgrown borders and a tatty patio on an upper level.  Everywhere there was a lot of brick and stone and the overall effect was very gloomy.

The brief was to "create some breathing space" outside the bi-fold doors, provide an entertaining area close to the kitchen, give the children a lawn to run about on and make the rest of the garden feel lighter and brighter with easy maintenance planting.

We began by dismantling the enormous rockery, carving the bank back by around 2m and demolishing the odd steps.  We then build a new retaining wall with a built-in seat and constructed 2 flights of open steps at either end of a new sandstone patio.  The wall, seat and steps were coated in a silicone based render colour-matched to tone with the sandstone.  On the garden's upper level we replaced all the fencing and laid a sandstone path leading to a small seating area and a new shed.  We then laid turf and planted all the borders and beds.

The result is a stunning contemporary family garden which is bright, open and welcoming.  The built-in seat in the retaining wall, which has lights fitted into it, helps to maximise the space when a table is used and the open steps invite you to explore the upper level where soft, blowsy planting sits happily alongside the sharp, clean, modern lines of the hard-landscaping.