"I'm not usually a 'jump up and down in delight person', but I absolutely love it!"

- Tracy, Coventry, July 2010

We want to rejuvenate the garden - it's currently very boring

""We've really enjoyed working with Spartacus on this project - the garden is totally transformed""

Case study


Case study


The Tuyn's garden was laid to grass with a couple of borders and an old wonky shed.  It was a bit unloved and maintenance had become a chore.  The couple had a clear idea of what they wanted the garden to become but needed to be sure their vision would work from a practical point of view and that advice on suitable trees and plants would be available. 

One of the main criteria was to reduce the maintenance without making the garden too sterile as Mr Tuyn wanted to be inspired to garden again rather than feel overwhelmed by its upkeep. 

The design agreed upon was based on removing all the lawn and existing borders and laying paths and raised beds leading to several distinct and different areas.  These areas comprised 2 sitting 'room's to make the most of the sun at different times of the day/year, an alpine wall, a fernery, colour sequenced beds in silver and blue and yellow and purple, a new shed and a garden 'gubbins' area which was seprated from the planted areas by an unusual curved wall made from upright wooden posts.  We also planted 3 feature trees; 2 Acers and a magnificant Magnolia.

The result is a garden of many parts which invites people to explore the different areas, enjoy the varied and seasonal planting schemes and discover curios and objects of interest displayed by the Tuyns.