"It's like having another room - we're always outside now."

- Jules & Charlotte, Warwick, March 2010

We want a smart town house garden - not a scruffy patch of lawn

""I asked Spartacus for a smart, elegant garden and that's exactly what we got.""

Case study


Case study


Ayo and Andrew's garden was at the rear of a beautiful Regency town house but it was narrow, sloped down quite steeply and largely comprised of a patchy lawn bordered by some straggly shrubs.  At the far end of the garden there was also an ugly corrugated garage roof spoiling the couple's view.

One of the biggest tasks was to level the lawn but it was important to create a flat play area for the couple's young daughter and her friends.  The lawn was also shaped into a figure of eight to maximise its size and add interest as the family's main sitting room was on the first floor of the property and looked down onto the lawn.  A block paved path edged the lawn and separated it from the borders which were mass planted with grasses, Lavender and climbers to screen the fence.

A polished sandstone terrace was laid by the house and 'open' steps led to the lawn and path.  Two bespoke Oak benches were built and fixed to the edge of the terrace as additional seating and also to prevent any accidental falls.

The ugly garage roof was masked with a hardwood roof deck enclosed with wooden railings which we hand made to match the woodwork on nearby properties.  This deck extended our clients garden by several metres and gave them additional space in the form of a roof garden with great views over the river Leam.

Horizontal wooden screens were erected to create a hidden 'garden gubbins' area between the lawn and the steps up to the roof deck.  An Oak swing was hung jusf for fun.

The finished result was a smart and elegant yet practical family garden with easy maintenance planting, a lawn to soften the effect and a great party deck for entertaining.