"I'm not usually a 'jump up and down in delight person', but I absolutely love it!"

- Tracy, Coventry, July 2010

I don't know where to start

""I'm absolutely thrilled with the garden. It's exactly what I wanted - I can't wait to invite my family and friends round for a garden party.! "

Case study


Case study


Our client's garden was long, straight and totally featureless.  There was nowhere for the adults to relax or the children to play and the planting was non existent. We created two curved Woburn Rumbled block paved paths which meandered around the garden leading to Bradstone Old Riven feature circles and then on to a large wooden deck at the sunny end of the garden which overlooked a children's play area which we filled with purple rubber bark.

By the house we laid a large patio in Bradstone Old Riven paving inserting random block paver panels to link the patio with the path.  The patio was enclosed by a wooden sleeper wall which was sanded smooth and fitted with LED lights.  Instead of demolishing the old coal shed/outdoor WC, we turned it into a rustic loggia by knocking the front out and fitting wooden beams, soft lighting and a patio floor.

The planting scheme was based on purples and limes and included several trees; Prunus cerasifera Pisssardii, Catalpa erubescens Purpurea and Sorbus Vilmorinii which sat alongside Acer palmatum Bloodgood, Berberis ottawensis Superba, Cotinus coggygria Royal Purple and Cotinus coggygria Young Lady as well as large groups of Euphorbia amygdaloides Purpurea and Eurphorbria Martinii Colibri.  

The result is a garden in which every bit is used and enjoyed by both adults and children.  The views from either end are enticing and the new loggia filled with cushions and lanterns provides a cosy shelterd space to sit whatever the weather.